..."and a highway shall be there, and it shall be called the way of holiness; evil minded people shall not travel on it, but it shall be for those wayfarers who are traveling toward God. (Isaiah 35:8, adapted)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Love for God: Love without Measure, Burning without Discretion!

Lord Jesu, I ask Thee, give unto
me movement in Thy love without
measure; desire without limit;
longing without order; burning
without discretion. Truly the
better the love of Thee is, the
greedier it is; for neither by
reason is it restrained, nor by
dread distressed, nor by doom tempted.

-- Richard Rolle (1290?-1349),
Fire of Love, 1343,

photo taken in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stories of Conversion: Anne Lamott

I've decided to post some accounts
of people's conversions. I came upon
this, Anne Lammott's account of her
conversion. (If you haven't read
Anne Lammott, you've missed a treat--
but know she's not your grandmother's
style of Christian!).

This is simply poignant:

"After a while, as I lay there,
I became aware of someone with me,
hunkered down in the corner, and I
just assumed it was my father,
whose presence I had felt over the
years when I was frightened and alone.
The feeling was so strong that I
actually turned on the light for a
moment to make sure no one was there
--of course, there wasn't. But after
a while, in the dark again, I knew
beyond any doubt that it was Jesus.
I felt him as surely as I feel my dog
lying nearby as I write this."

"And I was appalled... I thought
about what everyone would think of me
if I became a Christian, and it seemed
an utterly impossible thing that simply
could not be allowed to happen. I turned
to the wall and said out loud, "I would
rather die."

"I felt Him just sitting there on His
haunches in the corner of my sleeping loft,
watching me with patience and love, and I
squinched my eyes shut, but that didn't
help because that's not what I was seeing
Him with."

"Finally I fell asleep, and in the morning,
He was gone."

"This experience spooked me badly, but I
thought it was just an apparition, born of
fear and self-loathing and booze and loss of
blood. But then everywhere I went, I had the
feeling that a little cat was following me,
wanting me to reach down and pick it up,
wanting me to open the door and let it in.
But I knew what would happen: you let a cat
in one time, give it a little milk, and then
it stays forever... "

"And one week later, when I went back to
church, I was so hungover that I couldn't
stand up for the songs, and this time I
stayed for the sermon, which I just thought
was so ridiculous, like someone trying to
convince me of the existence of extraterrestrials,
but the last song was so deep and raw and pure
that I could not escape. It was as if the people
were singing in between the notes, weeping and
joyful at the same time, and I felt like their
voices or something was rocking me in its bosom,
holding me like a scared kid, and I opened up to
that feeling--and it washed over me."

"I began to cry and left before the benediction,
and I raced home and felt the little cat running
at my heels, and I walked down the dock past
dozens of potted flowers, under a sky as blue as
one of God's own dreams, and I opened the door
to my houseboat, and I stood there a minute,
and then I hung my head and said... 'I quit.'
I took a long deep breath and said out loud,
'All right. You can come in.'"

"So this was my beautiful moment of conversion."

--Anne Lammott, Traveling Mercies

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Daniel Purposed" & The Eternal Purpose of God

This is part two of a bible study on Daniel

"Daniel Purposed" & The Eternal Purpose of God

We have been studying the concept
of Daniel "purposing" in his heart
to serve God. Let us look at the
Divine Inventor of all that is,
the Purposer of Purpose--
and see what the very purpose of
God is in creation and in redemption.

Romans 8:28 & 29 tells us that "All
things work together for good to those
who love God, to those who are called
according to His purpose. For whom
He foreknew, He also predestined to be
conformed into the image of His Son
that He might be the firstborn among
many brethren."

Often the reading of verse 28 is
taken out of context in this way:
it is often read on its own and
fails to emphasize vs. 29!

The purpose of God is completely
centered in Christ! It is all
about Jesus! If we can begin
to understand the purpose of
God and begin to allow it to
penetrate our thinking and
eclipse our self-obscessive thinking
with ourselves we will soon
come to a great place of
freedom. We will no longer be
viewing our own personal lives,
along with their problems, victories,
defeats and various trials as
the center point of our
existence. We have been created
through and for Christ! (Colossians

Often when we hear Romans 8:28
quoted it is quoted to assure us
that all will be well, and indeed,
all WILL be well--because God
will triumph with His purposes
for Christ! We get to be part of
that, we get to watch that,
applaud it, participate in that,
be we must never forget that
we are UNTO HIM and not He
unto us.

This whole grand universe is not
about everything ultimately "going
right" for me, but everything being
brought into Christ! Ephesians 1: 9-10
says, "having made known to us
the mystery of His will,
according to His good pleasure,
which He purposed in Himself,

that in the dispensation of the
fulness of the times He might
gather together in one all
things in Christ, both which are
in heaven, and which are on
earth--IN HIM!"

When God created this whole
world, when He planned and
purposed all that would be,
He put Christ at the center
of it, and this thought
brought Him great pleasure!

Christ above all! Christ in
all! Christ at the center of
all things! Christ holding
all things together! All things
inside of Christ!

We need to grasp the Christ-
centeredness of this universe.
We need to allow our minds to
hold that truth for it shall
change the way we relate to
ourselves and to our lives.

So often we are still thinking
that it is all about us. Christ
yes, has won our salvation,
but the salvation now seems to
makes it all about me, again,
and how I can gain from that.

Dear Ones, we are all presents
for Christ, handcrafted by God,
perfected and purified by the
Holy Spirit. We are all called
to be "unto Him." Yes, we have
meaning and existence, and happiness
and salvation, but they are all
merely happy by-products of God's
gift to His Son Jesus!

When doubts plague us, when
we wonder about what our purpose
is, when we look to find meaning,
we often put ourselves at the
center of that search. If we put
Christ at the center, where God
puts Him, then we could find our
place much more readily: we
are wrapped under the tree of Calvary,
now a glorious tree of life, and not
a somber tree of death, as a present
for Christ.

At Calvary, Christ proved that
the Father's confidence
in Him was right: that all
things rightfully belong to Him
because He payed the ultimate
price and not only that, but
because of the absolute
loveliness of His Person.

The salvation that Christ
won for us was not the end,
but the restoration for what
was just beginning: the consummation
of all things in Christ.

The plan of God in the garden
of Eden was just the beginning
of God's plan. God did not intend
to just create a few happy people
in the garden of God. He intended
to sweep it all into a grander,
more glorious place: a family,
even a bride for His Son. The
garden of eden starts with a few,
but ends up as the great City of God
even, the Lamb's wife (Rev 21:9,10).

That plan was momentarily challenged
by our sinful choice, but God
had already foreseen, predestined,
fore-ordained a greater victory!

Often the mentality that we come
away with from the modern gospel
is that we need to "accept Jesus"
so that we can go to heaven.
That is just the beginning! And
in some ways that is not even
the point. Jesus does not need
"accepting". God has already
accepted Him. We need to be
accepted by HIM!

God did not make heaven to have
a nice place to put us when we
die! "Heaven" is not going to
be all about us, but all about
Christ receiving all that is due
to Him!

T.Austin-Sparks writes this:

"The intention in the heart of God
in bringing this universe into
existence was that, ultimately,
the whole creation should display
the glory and supremacy of His Son,
Jesus Christ; and this one little
fragment, "and in Him all things
hold together" (Col. 1:17), says quite
clearly that but for the Lord Jesus Christ
the whole universe would disintegrate,
fall apart; it would be without
its uniting factor; it would cease
to have a reason for being maintained
as a complete and concrete whole.

Its holding together, its failure to
disintegrate and break up, is because
of this: God has determined that the
Lord Jesus shall be the centre, the
governing centre, of this whole universe,
and He - God's Son - is the explanation
of creation. But for Him, there never
would have been a creation. Take Him out,
and creation loses its purpose and its
object, and need not go on any longer.
"Christ is all, and in all", was the
thought, the ruling thought, in the
mind of God in the creation of the universe."

Wow! Who is man that You are mindful of
Him,and the son of man, that you should visit
him (Psalm 8:4)? Austin-Sparks further comments
on the purpose of man:

What is the explanation of man? ... God
intended that every man entering this
world should be conformed to the image
of His Son, Jesus Christ. Multitudes
will miss it, but there will be multitudes
such as no man can number, out of every tribe
and kindred and nation and tongue, who will
realize it.

What a high calling! What a different
conception of man that is from that which
is popularly held, and what a thing to be
missed! And yet there are many who say
complainingly that if they had had
their way they would never have come into
this world. There have been those who,
in an hour of eclipse, cursed the day
that they saw the light.

Ah, but something has gone wrong there;
that is not how the Lord meant it to be,
and however much we may have blue days,
when we wonder whether really it is
worthwhile after all, let us come back
to God's thought in our very being. It
is our tremendous privilege, the highest
honour that could ever have been conferred
upon us from the Divine standpoint,
that we should have been born.

We do not always feel or speak like that,
but we are constantly compelled to bring
ourselves back to God's point of view about
this and to remember that His purpose is to
have a universe peopled with such as are
conformed to the image of His Son, Jesus
Christ, a people who are a universal
manifestation of Christ glorified with
the glory of the Father. That is a
privilege, an honour, something to be
born for! That is the explanation of man.

God wants to make known His infinite
wisdom BY THE CHURCH to the principalities
and powers in the heavenly places.
God is telling a story to all of heaven!
I wonder if the heavenly onlookers feel
it is a nailbiter or if they wait with
awed expectation to see this "fellowship of
the mystery" explained and revealed
(Ephesians 3:8-11).

Think of it, every humble Christian who
has ever lived, every saved soul in the
backwoods or the jungle, illiterate or
unknown, unlearned or without honor in
the equation of the worldly wisdom, is
part of the eternal purpose of God!
They, indeed we, are made by Christ and
to Christ and shall be a pleasure for Christ!

Angels look into these matters and shake
their heads (I Peter 1:12)! Even we who
are being saved are not clear as to the
greatness of what our salvation means!
Beloved, we need to inquire of the Lord,
take His perspective, line our minds up
with His purpose. That is a great purpose
to purpose! No lesser purpose will
ever do! Ask God to show you His
Purpose. It will change your life

(this bible study is a continuation
of a Bible Study on the book of Daniel,
further installments are archived in
this blog under "Daniel Bible Study"
and "Bible"

Groans Which Cannot be Uttered: The Intercession of the Holy Spirit

Nor are we alone in our struggles.
The Holy Spirit supports our
helplessness. Left to ourselves we
do not know what prayers to offer
or how to offer them. But in those
inarticulate groans which rise
from the depth of our being, we
recognize the voice of none other
than the Holy Spirit. He makes
intercession; and His intercession
is sure to be answered. For God Who
searches the inmost recesses of the
heart can interpret His own Spirit's
meaning. He knows that His own Will
regulates His Spirit's petitions, and
that they are offered for men dedicated
to His service.

... William Sanday (1843-1920) &
Arthur C. Headlam (1862-1947), A Critical
and Exegetical Commentary on the
Epistle to the Romans, p. 212 [1896]

picture taken near Ludlow, England

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Do Not Hide Your Light Under A Basket: Matthew 5:14-16

Out of the deepest felt sense of
your utter need for Me, I bring boldness.
He who listens and obeys, understands.
He who knows he cannot, is
made able by My Hand.

The one who falls, in humility,
at the foot of the Cross is able
to stand up and discern clearly
for guile and self-will has been

Before I release you into the outer, I
build and perfect the inner.
I have spent much work on the inner.
But now, off comes the cover so
that the inner (your hidden life
in Me) and the outer (what others
see from the outside) can
come together in a perfect whole.

The inner is no longer in need of
being hidden. The outer has need of
its testimony and it nature. Do not
hide your light under a basket.

Plunge into My River--fear not its
swirling depths: it will carry you
to places you do not know about,
but are prepared for. Trust Me.

Spirit of Love, come upon me!

"O Consuming Fire, Spirit of Love,
'Come upon me,' and create in my
soul a dwelling place for the Word:
that I may be another
humanity for Him in which He can
express His whole Mystery.

And You, O Father, bend lovingly over
Your poor little creature, 'Cover her
with Your shadow,' seeing in her only
the 'Beloved in whom You are
well pleased.'"

- Elizabeth of the Trinity

photo taken at St. Peter's, Rome, Italy

Monday, January 07, 2008

Fulfill Thy Paradox in Me

When Thou hast mastered me,
Then shall I be victor:
When Thou hast enslaved me,
Then shall I be free:
When Thou hast humbled me,
Then shall I be exalted.
When Thou hast prostrated me,
Then shall I be strong:
When Thou hast impoverished me,
Then shall I be wealthy:
When Thou hast emptied me,
Then shall I be full:
When Thou hast taken all,
Then shall I have all.
My Master, Lo, I come to Thee:
Fulfill Thy paradox in me.
--The Society of Friends (Quakers)

photo taken near Colorado Springs, Colorado

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bible Study on the Book of Daniel: Daniel Purposed in His Heart: Lesson 4

"Daniel purposed in his heart that he
would not defile himself" (Daniel 1:8)

Our lives will become something. Either
by default or by drift or by definite
decision, we will become something. Daniel
purposed in his heart that he would stay
true to God. Even if we are imprisoned
or taken captive, our essential choices
are still ours. Others may decide what
they will do to us, or they will exercise
control of over our work situation or time or
life circumstances, but how we react
and how we respond is something that
no-one can take from us. Therefore,
we can ALWAYS choose God.

A typically human response is to feel
sorry for ourselves or to complain or
feel helpless: as if we are at the mercy of
the responses of others. We can feel that
we are a victim and if others would just
do this or do that then we would be able
to serve God. But our ultimate choices
lay entirely in our hands and under our
control and we must "purpose" to choose
God. What we "purpose" will make or
break us!

The word "purpose" is a strong word.
It means to set, ordain, establish, to
set in place, to fix, and in some forms,
to set or make for a sign."

Daniel had to "purpose" and then he
had to decide to stick with his purpose--
come lions, fire, an unreasonable king,
come hell or high water!

From the very beginning of his captivity
in Babylon, Daniel had to develop a
spirit of "no compromise" or at some
point he would lose his resolve and
his head would start to spin, and his
resolve weaken, and soon he would
find himself a fine example of a
Babylonian --and his relationship
with God with seem like a distant

Do you know people who make excuses?
Have you ever offered godly advice
to others and they were not interested
in taking it? I am not talking about nagging
someone, but offering them tried and
true advice and they are unwilling?

You suggest a plan of action for a problem
they may have mentioned and they say,
"It is too far to go; It is too much money;
It is too much work; I'm busy on that night;
I'm just not good and you are; things work
for you but not for me; I tried that before
but it didn't work; I will try (but they never
do); do you have any other suggestions?;
or they seek a "word from the Lord" from
someone else, one that is more in line
with what they want to do. Maybe. Tomorrow.
I hope. Could be. Later. I'm coming in just
a minute, Lord.

All of this is not just not purposing, it
is the opposite of purposing. All this kind
of thinking and response will lead to us
being overtaken by the high waves of
life and of Babylon that will roll over us.

Do you know that the waves on the
beautiful beaches of Babylon have a strong
undertow? They will sweep you out
to sea of Sin if you are not careful.

Like Daniel, you have to purpose
in your heart not to be defiled.

What are some examples of
different ways that we can purpose
in the Bible?

Do you know that God purposes?

In Acts 19:21 Paul "purposed in Spirit"
to go where God sent him. It was a
deliberate setting of one's heart and
mind and will to do what God wanted.
The minute he purposed in his heart
the great riot of Ephesus erupted in
his midst. Just get used to the idea
that once you purpose in your heart
to do the will of God you will probably
meet with significant opposition!

People can have an equally strong
purpose against your purposing
for God, and against the purposes
of God. In Acts 27:43, when the
ship Paul was on was shipwrecked,
the soldiers that guarded the
prisoners purposed to kill them,
Paul included, so that they would not
escape. The centurion intervened
to saved Paul. In a sense, he, too,
purposed to give Paul a chance
to live.

Another scripture that contains
the idea of men purposing against
God is Genesis 11:6 which is about
the building of the tower of Babel.
The Lord said, "the people are one
and have the same language...now
nothing they purpose to do will
be withheld from them."

So we see that purposing is powerful,
even when it is against God! Still,
the purpose of man cannot stand
against the purpose of God! Amen!

God's response to Babel was to go
down and confuse their speech and
confound their plans. He purposed
to undue their purposing!

In the Old Testament, when God
purposes, it is often connected with
bringing down evil places or things
that come against that which is
good or that which would totally
destroy His people.

In Isaiah 14:22-27, God purposes
to destroy Babylon and Assyria.
And who will stop the Lord?
"For the Lord of Hosts has
purposed, and who will annul it?
His hand is stretched out and who
will turn it back?" Try, O Man,
or Ungodly Nation, to stop the
purpose of God!

In the New Testament, the purposes
of God are expressed in
expansive and eternal terms.
Romans 8:28 : "For we know that
all things work together for good
to those who love God, to those
who are called according to His
purpose." Thank God that
despite the blows of life, all things
will work together for those who
love God because He has purposed
they will. You are safe!

Ephesians 3:11 says, "In Him
also we have obtained an inheritance,
being predestined according to
the purpose of Him who works
ALL things according to the counsel
of His will." God has a preordained
purpose that will be fulfilled and
that involves our receiving an
inheritance--even Himself!

He purposed the mystery of His
will, according to His good pleasure
(verse 9). The great things that
God has thought up and purposed
in His heart for us make Him
happy. They are good things!
These things are far above what we
could ask or think--so far above us
that they are called
"the mystery of His will." And
yet He has seen fit to begin to
reveal to us His redemption
through His blood, the forgiveness
of sins, according to the riches
of His grace which He made to abound
toward us in all wisdom and prudent
understanding" (vs 7 & 8).

Paul says as he writes in First
Timothy 1:9 that God has saved
us and called us, not according
to our own works, but according
grace which was given to us
in Christ Jesus before time began!

The purposes of God are great
purposes that start in God,
are accomplished by God, and
end with God gathering together
in one all things in Christ--both
which are in heaven and on
earth! (Ephesians 1:10). Wow!

We must have this same intensity
of purpose, this same scope of
commitment, this same joy
in purposing to give God all!

Psalm 17 says, "You have tested
my heart, You have visited me
in the night; You have tried me
and found nothing [evil]. I have
purposed that my mouth shall
not transgress." When God
comes to test us, what will
He find? If we purpose not
to sin with our mouth, we
will have started in a good

Proverbs 15:22 says "without
counsel, purposes go awry,
but in the multitude of counselors
they are established."
We must seek the Lord, and seek
out spiritual men and women
to help us to set our purposes
in a Godly way. If we think we
can just go our own way, we
will soon be just going after
our own wayward purpose and
not the purpose of God.

Daniel was aided in his purposing
by his three friends. Evil company
corrupts good habits. The company
you keep affects you! Awake
to righteousness and do not sin!
(I Cor. 15:33, 34). Purpose in
your heart to agree with God
and walk with Him and His
godly ones!

(this bible study is a continuation
of a Bible Study on the book of Daniel,
further installments are archived in
this blog under "Daniel Bible Study"
and "Bible"

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Xenoiakian Syndrome: Homesickness for Heaven

I think I was born again with *Xenoiakian
Syndrome, but it sure does seem to have
gotten worse lately. If you travel alot, it is
quite common to wake up in a strange house
and wonder where you are. A kind of "If its
Tuesday, it must be Belgium" whirlwind of
road warrior displacement.

As Dorothy says, "There's no place like
home." No place like the comfort that
comes from living in the domicile you are
meant to inhabit in safe, cozy bliss.
No place like Kansas, sort of.

What seems to be happening with
me is that while I am away from
home I seem to have those "where
am I moments?" but when I come
home it seems to develop into
a full blown case of Xenoiakian

And what is that you may ask?

It comes from the Greek word
Xenos meaning stranger or foreign,
and the greek workd oiakia, meaning
house. "Strange house" syndrome,
to be sure. In a capsule, one feels
not quite at ease in one's own home,
as if to be found in a strange house.

It happens the most when returning
home to my own house. A feeling
of not really feeling like I'm really
home. Homesick when home.
A feeling of distance in familiar

C.S. Lewis describes it thus in
The Weight of Glory:

"Our lifelong nostalgia, our longing to
be reunited with something in the universe
from which we now feel cut off, to be on
the inside of some door which we have
always seen from the outside, is no mere
neurotic fancy, but the truest index of
our real situation. And to be at last
summoned inside would be both glory and
honor beyond all our merits and also the
healing of that old ache.

Now grant you, my house is
perfectly cozy and this is
not Alzheimer's setting in. I know
where the silverware
is, and the towels, and I know
for absolute darn well sure where I
stash the chocolate. Yet even the
chocolate seems like cardboard
when I think of my true Home.

It's just that when I come home
and expect to sigh a "there's no place like
home" sigh, full of warm fuzzies, I feel,
instead, like I am strangely not at home.

I find it interesting, and absolutely,
positively, heartbreakingly comforting,
to know that Jesus spent some
of the last moments of His prime time
with His disciples talking about
Xenoiakian Syndrome.

"In My Father's house are many
mansions: if it were not so, I would
have told you. I go to prepare a place
for you. And where I go you know,
and the way you know" (John 14:
2 & 3).

I feel so comforted by the fact that
Jesus said, "I will not leave you
as orphans, as comfortless" (John
14:18). He, knowing what it
was like to be human, and yet
divinely far from Home, is making
all the preparations for us.
He anticipated all that we would
feel and all that we would need.

Just as a good host prepares
each detail for the coming guests.
Jesus said, "Oh, and I know how
you are going to feel. I had a
monumental case of Xenoiakian
Syndrome Myself. I am not
abandoning you, I am not leaving
you without comfort. Your home
is in My Father's house and you
will find all bed's less than perfect
until you arrive in the Home for
which you were made. But do not
doubt that such a perfect place
of rest exists.

Note that Jesus said, "If this was
not true, I would not have told
you." How interesting that Jesus
picks this point to reassure the
disciples that He is not lying or
exaggerating or speaking in
some metaphor that has no
basis in the grand Reality of

He did not spend time reassuring
us that certain creeds were indeed
correct in their minutiae or
going over the fine points of
how to best share the gospel.

He tenderly goes straight to
the deepest need of the human
heart: to find its home in God,
and to reassure you and I that
there is indeed a Place
called Home in His Kingdom.

You don't know how relieved
I feel. Well, maybe you do,
if you have Xenoiakian Syndrome
also. In T. S. Eliot's famous
poem, Return of the Magi,
the magi ponder this after they
have seen Jesus:

"We returned to our places, these
Kingdoms, But no longer at ease
here, in the old dispensation."

I tell you the truth, Xenoiakian
Syndrome is contracted from seeing
Jesus. For after You do see Him,
you will not be at ease in your
own home, however cozy;
in your own town, however quaint;
in your own church, however lovely;
in your own kingdom, however
impressive. Not really. Not completely.

Actually not at all.

Xenioakian Syndrome ruins all that.

The exiles of Israel, taken out of
their home to Babylon, had an
early but severe strain of XS.

"By the rivers of Babylon, we
sat down, yea, we wept, for
Zion. We hung our harps
on the willows there, for
those who carried us away
captive, required of us, a
a song, They that wasted us
required of us laughter,
saying "Sing of one of the
Songs of Zion."

How shall we sing the Lord's
songs, in a foreign land?
(Psalm 137: 1-4).


Further symptoms of Xenoiakian
Syndrome follow along in this
passage: inability to function
in one's giftings unless one is
mindful of Zion. This especially
affects the right hand. (Psalm
137: 4).

Also, a drought of soul that causes
the tongue to cleave to the
roof of one's mouth unless
one thinks of Jerusalem (Ps.

In all a cases an extreme
case of homesickness develops
for a Home one has not yet
been to, making worldly
attachments difficult if
not impossible.

There is a known cure, but
one has to die to receive
it, making successful treatment,
while still on earth, impossible.

Yet one can find great comfort
in Jesus, the One who is the
Consolation of Israel (Luke
2:25). He is both the cause
and the cure of Xenoiakian
Syndrome. All we can do is
trust in Him and His Word
while He is busy with the
carpentry of what will cure

Many have found support
groups for XS. Consult
your local church for
meetings in your area.
You will recognize others
who have it by that
faraway glint in their eyes,
by the holy manner of life
that they lead, and by
their inability to be
satisfied with anything
less than a full and
unimpeded vision of Christ
and a relentless homesickness
for a Home not yet seen
with human eyes.

I said earlier that Xenioakian
Syndrome is caused by seeing
Jesus. It is also cured by seeing Him.
Several hours in His Presence
will bring both relief from and
a predicted reoccurence of XS.

Do you have Xenoiakian Syndrome?

See your Doctor if you
experience any of the
aforementioned symptoms.
Temporary help is available
Eternal help is on its way.

*pronounced "zeenokian"

The Holiness of God

"Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts" Isaiah 6:3

Holiness is the harmony of all virtues. The Lord
has not one glorious attribute alone, or in excess,
but all glories are in Him as a whole; this is the
crown of His honour and the honour of His crown.

His power is not his choicest jewel, nor His
sovereignty, but His holiness. In this all
comprehensive moral excellence He would
have His creatures take delight.

.... C. H. Spurgeon, The Treasury of David.
photo taken near Monument, Colorado