..."and a highway shall be there, and it shall be called the way of holiness; evil minded people shall not travel on it, but it shall be for those wayfarers who are traveling toward God. (Isaiah 35:8, adapted)

Monday, October 09, 2006

God on Anger & Forgiveness

Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness! Let go!

Anger and forgiveness are always issues on God's A-List. Recently I witnessed something awful that bothered me enough to make sure that I was walking in forgiveness. Here is, more or less, the conversation that took place between God and I. I do believe that we can talk with God and get a direct answer. I also believe we "see through a glass darkly" and so do not claim that every word is purely God's. I do try and judge and discern things to make sure they are scriptural in content. Please read this with that in mind. The bold, italicized text in yellow are what I feel to be God's questions and answers to my questions and answers.

What do you think your anger accomplishes?

It creates boundaries to get away from someone unpleasant. It shows my non-connection with them. It is my way of "snarling" at them. God, if you would do the snarling, I would let you, but do You snarl? What do you do?

A snarl is a threat of action. I don't snarl. I don't need to threaten. I act or I wait. If I wait, it is to allow grace to work.

What should I do while You are waiting and showing grace?

Know that the grace is not all softness, it is a serious test, so don't count it as softness or inaction on My part. What you should do is wait and watch--not them, but Me.

What if I don't really want them to repent?

Then you are watching them and not Me.

What if I am afraid I am going to be like Jonah and get mad at you for showing grace?

Are you without sin? What would you tell someone who wanted Me to withhold grace from you?

I would tell them it is none of their business, especially if they don't have the best interest of my soul at heart.
Okay, so, it's none of my business.

I told you your business is to look at Me. Consider the parable of the workmen. if you have an issue with Me, take it up with me. That is more important to resolve.

What if you don't answer my questions?

I always answer. For you to understand the answer, now there's the rub. Understanding the answer can take time, deeper perspective, wisdom made flesh.

How will I know I'm looking at You and not just avoiding my anger?

By disciplining yourself to sit with Me no matter what.

What is the nature of forgiveness?

An act of the will: not blocking My work in another by interfering physically or in the realm of the soul. Applying pressure to a recalcitrant heart does not cause it to soften. Exerting any sort of force from your soul does not work. Grace is an "anti-force." It cracks the hardness by drawing the soul in another direction, sometimes violently, this causes the hard shell to fall off, that is, if it is going to fall off. People still have their choice.

What if I think nothing will happen unless I stay mad?

That is both a lie and the truth. Nothing will happen between you and I and the situation if you stay mad. Your anger will keep the situation at a standstill in the spiritual realm and you will go no further with Me.

Do I hear you saying that you think I will not act without your anger to fuel it? THINK AGAIN.

Is forgiveness wishing them well and being at peace with what has been done, knowing You are in control? Is it not judging so You can judge?

Forgiveness is letting them go into My hands and being able to be at peace with Me, to receive My peace, because you see the larger picture. Jesus was on the cross and said, "Father, forgive them for they don't know what they are doing." He saw the bigger picture and chose the redemptive part of it. He could have said, "I can't wait until you judge these people and send them all to hell." Yet He was in the middle of the redemptive act that made all forgiveness possible! Why would He work against that? He was still looking for the few last ones that could be salvaged, still holding the door open. It is time for you to leave the house of justice and live in the house of mercy. Trust Me, it is not a soft way.


Uta Milewski said...

Isn't it amazing how much wisdom God will pour out if we only take the time to listen. Great lesson on forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

There is so much here to meditate on. Our LORD loves us so much that while reading this meditation, He healed a part of me that has bothered me since adolescence. The Holy Spirit will peel the layers of hurts and unforgiveness from 30 years ago if we will only let Him!
He is the GREAT RESTORER! Amen!