..."and a highway shall be there, and it shall be called the way of holiness; evil minded people shall not travel on it, but it shall be for those wayfarers who are traveling toward God. (Isaiah 35:8, adapted)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Devotions from the Heart: What Will You Do In the Night?

by Pastor Derek Gitsham

What will you do in the night?

"And it came to pass, that on the morrow
Moses went into the tabernacle of witness;
and behold, the rod of Aaron for the house
of Levi was budded, and brought forth buds,
and bloomed blossoms, and yielded almonds."
(Numbers 17:8)

God had obviously worked a miracle before the
people of Israel. So great was the determination
of God to show who He was with, and to make
cease the murmurings in the camp of Israel.
Verse 5 says that God requested twelve rods
from the princes according to his Father's
house, and the rod of Aaron was among them.

The rods were laid up before the Lord in the
tabernacle of witness. On the morrow, overnight,
God worked a miracle and Aaron’s rod budded,
blossomed, and yielded almonds. Aren’t you
glad that God went all the way? Not just budded
but blossomed and yielded almonds. In other words,
it produced fruit.

The lesson for us here is quite simple. The rods
were left overnight. During the dark God worked
His miracle. Many of God’s people go through
this dark night, but have we been taught that
God brings forth fruit in the night? The night,
in and of itself, is not the end.

He uses the things that perplex us to bring
us to a new day. Although we may not be aware
of it the night is a ministry to us. The very
darkness itself is teaching us new things.
Jesus said, “What I tell you in darkness,
that speak ye in light” (Matthew 10:27).

It would be good if every minister learned to
thank God for the darkness, and bring forth
his message from this place. It should be
questioned that if there was no dark times in
a saint’s life, he has not much to say. Our
greatest teachings are in the night, in the
hard places, do not despise them but embrace
them, they will be your testimony in the light.

Having gone through the dark place watch how
your authority increases when speaking for God.
Soon God will show the secret that the darkness
and the light both look alike to Him as they
will be to us as we embrace His will in all.

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