..."and a highway shall be there, and it shall be called the way of holiness; evil minded people shall not travel on it, but it shall be for those wayfarers who are traveling toward God. (Isaiah 35:8, adapted)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Andrew Murray: The Priesthood of the Believer Part 3

(excerpted from the Power of the Blood of Jesus)

is what gives to nearness to God its full glory.

In Israel the priests were the mediators between
God and the people. They carried into the Presence
of God the sins and needs of the people: they
obtained from God the power to declare the pardon
of sin and the right of blessing the people.

This privilege now belongs to all believers, as
the priestly family of the New Covenant. When God
permitted His redeemed ones to approach Him through
the blood, it was that He might bless them, in
order that they might become a blessing to others.

Priestly mediation; a priestly heart that can have
the needed sympathy with those who are weak; a
priestly power to obtain the blessing of God in
the temple, and convey it to others; in these things,
INTERCOURSE, the drawing near to God through the blood,
manifests its highest power and glory.

We can exercise our priestly dignity in a twofold


The ministry of intercession is one of the highest
privileges of the child of God. It does not mean
that in this ministry we, having ascertained that
there is a need in the world, or in some particular
person, pour out our wishes in prayer to God, asking
for the necessary supply. That is good, so far as it
goes, and brings a blessing with it. But the peculiar
ministry of intercession is something more wonderful
than that, and finds its power in "the prayer of faith."

This "prayer of faith" is a different thing from the
outpouring of our wishes to God, and leaving them with

In the true "prayer of faith" the intercessor must
spend time with God to appropriate the promises of His
word, and must permit himself to be taught by the Holy
Spirit, whether the promises can be applied to this
particular case. He takes upon himself, as a burden,
the sin and need which are the subject of prayer, and
lays fast hold of the promise concerning it, as though
it were for himself. He remains in the presence of God,
till God, by His Spirit, awakens the faith that in this
matter the prayer has been heard. In this way parents
sometimes pray for their children; ministers for their
congregations; labourers in God's vineyard for the souls
committed to them; till they know that their prayer is

It is the blood, that by its power of bringing us near
to God, bestows such wonderful liberty to pray until
the answer is obtained. Oh! if we understood more
perfectly what it really means to dwell in the presence
of God, we should manifest more power in the exercise
of our holy priesthood.


A further manifestation of our priestly mediation
is that we not only obtain some blessing for others
by INTERCESSION, but become the INSTRUMENTS by whom it
is ministered. Every believer is called, and feels
himself compelled by love, to labour on behalf of
others. He knows that God has blessed him that he
might be a blessing to others; and yet-the complaint
is general that believers have no power for this work
of bringing blessing to others. They are not, they say,
in a condition to exercise an influence over others by
their words. This is not to be wondered at, if they
will not dwell in the sanctuary. We read that "The
Lord separated the tribe of Levi-to stand before the
Lord-and to bless in his name" (Deut. 10:8).

The priestly power of blessing depends on the priestlike
life in the presence of God. He who experiences there
the power of the blood to preserve him, the helpless
one-will have courage to believe that the blood can
really deliver others. The holy lifegiving power of
the blood will create in him the same disposition as that
in which Jesus shed it-the sacrifice of himself to redeem
others. In intercourse with God, our love will be set on
fire: by the love of God, our belief that God will surely
make use of us will be strengthened; the spirit of Jesus
will take possession of us, to enable us to labor. in humility,
in wisdom, and in power; and our weakness and poverty become
the vessels in which God's power can work.

From our word and example blessing will flow, because we
dwell with Him who is pure blessing, and He will not
permit anyone to be near Him without being also filled
with His blessing Beloved, is not the life prepared
for us a glorious a blessed one? The enjoyment of the
blessedness: of being near to God; the carrying out
of the ministry of His house; the imparting of His
blessing to others: Let no one think that the full blessing
is not for him, that such a life is too high for him.

IN THE POWER OF JESUS' BLOOD we have the assurance that
this-, "DRAWING NEAR" is for us also, if only we wholly
yield ourselves to it. For those who truly desire this
blessing I give the following advice :--

i. Remember that this, and nothing less, is designed for
you. All of us who are God's children have been brought
nigh by the blood. All of us can desire the full experience
of it. Let us only hold this fast: the life in INTERCOURSE
with God is for me. The Father does not wish that one of
His children should be afar oft: We cannot please our God
as we ought if we live without this blessing. We are priests,
graced lives as priests are prepared for us; free entrance into
the sanctuary as our abiding place, is for us; we can be
assured of this, God bestows on us His holy presence for
indwelling, as our right, as His children. Let us lay fast
hold of this.

ii. Seek to make the full power of the blood your own
possession in all its blessed effects. IT IS IN THE POWER
OF THE BLOOD THAT INTERCOURSE is possible. Let your heart
be filled with faith in the power of the blood of
RECONCILIATION. Sin has been so entirely atoned for,
and blotted out, that its power to keep you away from
God has been completely, and for ever, taken away.

Live in the joyful profession that sin is powerless to
separate you one moment from God. Believe that by the
blood you have been fully justified, and thus have a
righteous claim to a place in the sanctuary. Let the
blood also cleanse you. Expect from the fellowship that
follows, the inner deliverance from the defilement of
sin which still dwells in you. Say with the Scriptures
"How much more shall the blood of Christ cleanse YOUR
conscience to serve the living God." Let the blood sanctify
you, separate you for God, in undivided consecration, to be
power of the blood have free course in you. You will discover
how this brings you, as it were, automatically near to God,
and protects you.

iii. Do not fear to expect that JESUS HIMSELF will reveal
in you the power of the blood to bring you nigh to God.

The blood was shed to unite us to God.

The blood has accomplished its work, and will perfect it
in you.

The blood has unspeakable virtue and glory in God's sight.

The Mercy Seat sprinkled with blood is the chosen place of
God's abode and is His throne of grace. He draws near with
joy and good pleasure to the heart that surrenders itself
entirely to the efficacy of the blood.

The blood has irresistible power. Through the blood Jesus
was raised up from the grave, and carried into heaven. Be
assured the blood is able to preserve you every day in God's
presence by its divine lifers= giving power. As precious and
all powerful as the blood is, so sure and certain is also
your abiding with God, if only you trust is steadfast.
"Washed and made white in the blood of the Lamb-therefore
are they before the throne of God and serve him day and night
in his temple." That word about the eternal glory has a
bearing also upon our life on earth. The fuller our faith
and experiences of the power of the blood, just the closer
the INTERCOURSE, and the more sure the abiding near the throne:
the wider the entrance to the unbroken ministry of God in
His sanctuary ; and here on earth just the greater the power
to serve the living God just the richer the priestly blessing
which you will spread around you. O Lord! may this word have
its full power over us now, here, and hereafter!

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