..."and a highway shall be there, and it shall be called the way of holiness; evil minded people shall not travel on it, but it shall be for those wayfarers who are traveling toward God. (Isaiah 35:8, adapted)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Have Heard a Rumour From the Lord...

"I have heard a rumour from the Lord'
and an ambassador is sent unto the
heathen saying,"Gather ye together
and come up against her, and rise
up to battle." --Jeremiah 49:14 KJV

A rumour from the Lord--now that would
be something worth listening to. In a
day when this "prophet" says "this", and that
one says, "that"--some false, some true,
some blatantly deranged, what we need to
hear is "a rumour FROM THE LORD." This is
what Jeremiah and Obadiah both heard
(cp. Obadiah 1). Here is not a "new" word,
but an "old" Word that has never lost its
power. The Word of God is like that!

A rumour from the Lord is not gossip,
it is not a hunch, it is not Entertainment
or National Enquirer material:
it is a SURE WORD, a word that will come
to pass. It is hard news, certain tidings,
a declared decree. Plain and simple, its the
unencumbered truth.

In the wake of David Wilkerson's words of
warnings, as sound as they may be, it is a
stronger and more strident pronouncement:
Judgment is coming to the enemies of God, and
of His people, to bring them crashing down.

Those who sit near to God hear His rumours--
even if they are whispered, even before they
are executed. The key is sitting next to God.
The key is listening to His voice and heeding
it. God has promised that he shall do nothing
unless he warn His prophets (Amos 3:7). Not
just any prophet--but HIS prophets.

Here is a sure word: "the terribleness,
that is, the terror you reap on others,
and the pride of your heart will soon be
judged" (Jer. 49:16). God is against
the proud, and those who intimidate
through misuse of power. He is sending
out an envoy to take the proud, and the
illegitimately powerful, most certainly

Pride believes it is invincible, that
its fortress is impregnable, that
it cannot be overtaken. But the sure
rumour is that it will soon be thrown
down and come to nothing. And those
who harm others by the way they wield
power will be torn down by the righteous
Hand of YHWH: the whole earth shall shake
from their fall (Jer. 49:21).

Here is a sure word from the Lord:
"Repent from your pride, cease
from your oppression or you will
reap a calamitous judgment." Here is
a sure word and true--whether you
be saint or sinner alike. God's
people will be chastised and purified,
but the prideful heathen will be cast
down and destroyed. Pride and rebellion
shall be wholly routed.

For on the Lord's mount, Holy
Zion, there shall be deliverance
and there shall be HOLINESS and
the house of Jacob shall possess
their possessions (Obadiah 17).
The house of Jacob shall burn
up the house of Esau. We are
either compatible with the
Lord and His Ways or we will
reap the terror we have sown
and come to a fiery end.

So if you are tempted to fall
prey to listening to worldy rumours,
why not, instead, listen to a
rumour from the the Lord? It is something
to bet the family farm on, and your eternal life.
The Lord's rumour shall surely come to pass.

I have heard a rumour from the Lord,
have you?

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