..."and a highway shall be there, and it shall be called the way of holiness; evil minded people shall not travel on it, but it shall be for those wayfarers who are traveling toward God. (Isaiah 35:8, adapted)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Holy Spark

Run away, far away, from people
who will not let your light burn brightly.
Better yet, turn and burn wildly in their

God has put a bold and unique Holy Spark
of Himself in your spirit. He blows
upon your inward hearth, urging that Spark to
ignite into a brightly burning Flame,
Christ, the Fire, within.

Beware of those who would try and
extinguish that flame, whether it
be a roaring inferno, or a smoldering
wick. Your Lord promises not to,
so do not let others try to.

Run away, but not before you allow
that Fire to rise up and burn quickly
out of control so that these
illicit fire quenchers are also
set ablaze and turned back from
their dastardly mission.

Their hearth is stone cold and
their home shows no sign of life.
If they were alive they would not
seek to extinguish that which burns
within you!

Maybe resurrection will arise from
the ashes.

Our God is a Consuming Fire!

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