..."and a highway shall be there, and it shall be called the way of holiness; evil minded people shall not travel on it, but it shall be for those wayfarers who are traveling toward God. (Isaiah 35:8, adapted)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Pain of the Prophet: True Prophets vs. False Prophets

The Pain of the Prophet: True Prophets vs. False Prophets

There is so much that is tossed around in
the name of the prophetic today. That which
is truly prophetic is in a class by itself.
It is called total identification with
the heart of God.

The true prophet is birthed for a season of
calamity and lives set apart unto God.
His or her life is watermarked with pain,
for a prophet sees what will happen
if people cannot hear and obey God.

A prophet lives alone upon a hill, looking
for danger, for the first wisps of smoke
that spell only one thing: "Fire!" He
calls first for the fire of God to enliven
and purify through repentance. Unheeded, his
calls for fire will bring warning of the
fire of God that will burn in judgment.
The prophet, therefore, carries a message
that few would want to hear unless
they care for the state of their souls,
even their eternal lives.

One can ignore the cry of "Fire!" but
that does not make the fire cease its
burning or enable the prophet to cease
his commission. Indeed, for a prophet
to be proved right, a certain judgment
must fall, a sure chastisement administered,
a corrective work applied. If this is
not painful to the prophet then he is
not a true prophet and lacks the heart
of God for true restoration.

There are myriads of prophets who like
to pronounce gloom and doom, but which
of them has the heart to bear the pain
of interceding for a genuine repentance?
A true prophet must desire, above all,
that his or her clarion call will bring a
genuine return to God. It is easy to rail,
it is agony to stand and watch and call
people who are not listening back to
the Father.

It is a fearsome and holy task to enter
into the very heart of God as He calls
His people back to Himself. The
heart of the prophet must echo forth the
eternal love of God. There can be no
joy at the idea of judgment coming, even
when it appears inevitable, even when
the prophet himself is harmed or stoned
or even killed in the process.

God does not wish to punish. He takes
no pleasure in judgment. He does not
wait and watch for wrongdoing in
order to find pleasure in chastising
waywardness. A prophet MUST have this
tenor of heart or he does not stand
for God.

Consider Jonah. He understood God,
he understood the prophetic role,
but he did not have the heart of God.
He understood quite well that for God
to reap a family of restored hearts,
that he would have to be proved wrong.
And if the people of Nineveh did not turn to
God, Jonah should find no pleasure
in their chastisement.

Job failed on both points: he was not
willing to be proved wrong for the
sake of another. He was unwilling to
bear a message of judgment unless it
ended in judgment. He did not want mercy
to intervene for it would make him
appear lesser in the eyes of others.
He did not have the heart of God.
One gets the impression that he preferred
that the people be judged so he could
be proved "right." With "right" like that
I would hate to see what wrong might look

How many prophets have this kind of
heart? How many prophets are unwilling
to bear the pain of their calling
because they are not able to identify
with God as He ever so patiently waits
for His people to return to Him?

God does not ask of a prophet something
He does not endure Himself. People
constantly accuse God of allowing evil
and not putting an end to suffering.
God waits and waits for us to return
to Him. If He was a God who delighted
in meting out punishment, the earth
would be devoid of human life for
all of us would have been destroyed.

That which the prophet speaks should
call people back to God. What becomes
of the prophet, what his reputation
is, what accolades or resistances
are thrown upon him, should matter
not one whit to him: it comes with the
territory of being a prophet.

The words of a prophet are born and
spearheaded out of his or her own
repentance, they are to be ministered in
humility. The true prophet takes no
pleasure in being right. For "being right"
is about words and reputations and
and pride. A true prophet must
bear great pain in a hidden place.
He must live and die for the
kind of reconcilation that Jesus
lived and died for. It is not
for the fainthearted.

The true prophet must be a deaf
and blind servant of the Lord.
The prophet who truly sees must
be blind to all that would
stop him from his mission.
The prophet who truly hears must
be deaf to the reasonings of man,
to the hurtful taunts that will fall
upon his ears, and the painful rejections
that will fall upon his life. He must
be able to accept the pain inflicted
on his heart by those who do not see,
or worse yet, do not want to see.

He must have one prayer:
"Father, forgive them, for they
do not know what they are doing."

This kind of pain is part and parcel
of the prophetic call. That is the
hard part. The glorious part is that
those prophets who identify with
the heart of God, get the heart
of God planted forever within
them. The medium becomes the
message. The prophet becomes
the priest. A heart of stone
is replaced with a heart of
flesh, and that heart is
a redeemed heart, made in
the image of the heart of
Jesus. That would make it all
worthwhile, wouldn't it?

So to all those true prophets
who happen upon this article,
to everyone who thinks
they have a prophetic message,
search deeply to see whether
you are able to administer
it with the heart of God.
You will know the answer
by the amount of pain that
surrounds its delivery. Let us
trust that you will share the
joy of watching the Lamb
receive the fruits of His
labor. Anything less is just not
good enough.


TogetherOne.neT said...

Yes. Yes. Yes... you know. Well said my sister. I'm linking this fine my own musing here: http://togetheroneservant.blogspot.com/2006/11/arm-chair-prophecy.html

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this article. I was searching for an answer as to "why so much pain" in my life. I knew I was built for something. It was told to me that I was a prophet. Without any prior training, other than life itself, I had no idea what this meant. All that I know is that my life has been filled with so much pain. Thank you for being that light for me while I was searching in the dark.

The Pen of The Wayfarer said...

May God bless you, guide you, instruct you and comfort you as you seek to walk along in life and know Him better. You are not alone:
God is always with you.

Anonymous said...

anonymous - I know what you mean - I had a radical calling out about 7 years ago and it's been a slice and dice fest ever since. It took me awhile to catch on to what was going on but now I know that the purpose of the pain is to create in us HIS heart- make us sooo sensitive/discerning and precise in our judgement etc. I found this post as I was once again 'on the rack' and wanting to jump off... please pray that my faith does not fail....jesus1

Follower of Jesus said...

I really loved this article on what and who a true prophet is! I have the heart of a prophet, and know that I have discernment when others don't seem to see "the fire". Just like this book out, The Shack that everyone is reading. I apparently am the only one at my church that seems to think little of this book, and I want to keep everyone FOCUSED on Jesus Christ and His word and work! I know that the world, which is man's ideas, is not the way of God, because He does not think like man, therefore, WE must learn to yield to Him and think and do as HE LEADS US to do! Life and truth is all about HIM, not about us! God bless you for this article.

The Pen of The Wayfarer said...

I hear you and empathize, its hard to warn folks of a very real danger--we are forced to against the grain of popular opinion. So many things are arrayed to carry us off track. We must listen to the Lord, no matter what, and stay true to His Word, and live lives worthy of Him. Be encouraged and keep going toward the Lord! You are not alone!

Thoughtful said...

I have wrestled with the acknowledgment of this call and I have yet doubted many times, that my Lord would want someone like me, someone who cannot control herself where wrong doing is witnessed, where injustice abounds, I seem to always stand alone in the witness of these things, the shambles that my father's house has become has brought such a deep sorrow within my heart, that I am desperately broken for my Lord..I was searching again for confirmation of this purpose and I still somewhat doubt, but the reality is, I long to see my Father Glorified, that the errant children return with their whole hearts to their first Love, yet I find I am the only voice crying out..instead I find excuses, instead i find rejection, instead I am accused of not being of God, and have even been questioned am I saved? yet my heart is my Lord's..I desire now to die to myself..for I can now fully acknowledge from my heart I was bought with a price..

The Pen of The Wayfarer said...

Hi Thoughtful, thanks for your comments. The Spirit of God is rising up in His People, even when we are not perfect. It doesnt mean that the wrong we see is not actually wrong. If you are called
as a prophet then you absolutley
have to keep your walk with the Lord pure as best as you know how.
You have to stay grounded in the Word of God and allow the Lord
to purify your responses so that when you speak people will not discount you because your life doesnt match your walk. And most of all, we must have the heart of God toward people so that what we speak makes a way for people to turn back to God if they really want to. I hear your struggle. feel free to email me privately.

Lisa said...

Thank you for your post. Yes I came to this page in search of others like me. I came to see if others had gone through so much pain... physical.. emotional..spiritual... like me. and How you have kept going when it has become to much? My Emotions and pain speaks not His spirit... My Lord and My God is there at my every move and turn. I am nothing and can do nothing without him.. Im a learning this fast! Revelation came regards this call over the last three years and Im still in the process of processing it in my being... I just wish I could have a physical hug or earthly help now and then is all. Feeling sorry for myself is not me...yet i do this right now! I have almighty God with me. I must control my emotions once more. My life and its evidence now knowing all points to who I am for HIM. It has not been recognised fully yet by the ones closests to me in Ministry but it soon will be. Humilation, rejection, outcast, alone, torment. The pain endured.. For My God... nothing this world has could ever help me. I am solely reliant on my Father in Heaven.. I understand part of why so much pain and stript to nothing only. I Know soon things have been set.. Things will change and a new phase begins.. I pray there is someone there to walk by my side. Someone from Here this earth. Praise Your Holy Name Father God. I still dont understand why it has to be experienced fully to this magnitude but I know as I mature further it will become more evident. Much love to you and God bless you thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom...one of Gods sites I work on... http://www.loveslivingwordministriesuk@blogspot.com

Love Lisa

The Pen of The Wayfarer said...

Hi Lisa, if you would like to correspond with me, please email me
privately, at penofthewayfarer@yahoo.com

May the Lord bless you as you seek Him in truth,
God bless,

WillingVessel said...

This was so well said, Rose. It speaks to me because, I, too, bear the pain of the office of prophetess. It pained my heart so yesterday in service because the people had not received the Word that the Lord had brought forth through me so much so that I clutched my chest and wept. I weep for the souls of the nation often. My God, the weight and pain of it is so unbearable but I thank God for using me as His vessel and above all, not my will, but His be done! Glory be to the Most High God!!

WillingVessel said...

I can relate to this as a prophetess so much so that the pain in my heart for God's people truly resonates and I weep for the souls that believe they have eternity in Him and those that do not know Him. There is a very fine remnant to who will actually please God based on true repentance and obedience and that is a hard truth!! My spirit bears witness to all the things you typed in this blog and my sister in Christ, may the Lord continue to bless and keep you. May the Lord make HIS face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. From my heart to your heart, I hope you can feel the love I send to you.

WillingVessel said...

I can relate to this as a prophetess so much so that the pain in my heart for God's people truly resonates and I weep for the souls that believe they have eternity in Him and those that do not know Him. There is a very fine remnant to who will actually please God based on true repentance and obedience and that is a hard truth!! My spirit bears witness to all the things you typed in this blog and my sister in Christ, may the Lord continue to bless and keep you. May the Lord make HIS face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. From my heart to your heart, I hope you can feel the love I send to you.

Anonymous said...

I think God for this website.I can bear witness to the weight of this calling. It can be overwhelming at times. I have faced much persucution from the church to the point that at times i dred going.not to mention the rejection of family, co-workers and so called friends.no wonder Jermiah was called the weeping prophet.

Anonymous said...

my name is L . I must confess that l am encouraged by ur write up. I normally experience physical pains on my body n head after God might have finished using me. Sometimes l get scared if l am really a true prophet. Another thing is that sometimes l ask God what he wants me to tell a person ,if God repeats a particular word three to four times . Pls can my fellow true prophet tell me if they experience same. Is it right to ask God what to tell a person if there is a pause while prophesying. Thank u.

The Pen of The Wayfarer said...

Hi "L"--May God teach you by His Spirit. To me, the most important thing to nurture is your own character. If you are an impure vessel then somehow that will taint what you say no matter how right it sounds. God can use us, imperfect though we are, if we give ourselves to knowing Jesus, STAYING TRUE TO THE WRITTEN WORD of God, putting our own thoughts and self-interest aside and really loving the people around us. So often "prophetic" words are spoken cheaply from lives that are not under the Master's control. Jesus said, "take My yoke upon you." He is meek and lowly and will not lay
too much upon you. I do not know about the physical pains, ...ask God to remove them if they are not from Him and yes, ALWAYS ask God what should be said, its ok to have a pause--we so often try to make something sound polished when God is trying to convey a simple, loving message to someone. Most of all, love the person you are speaking to. Ask God to show you them through HIS eyes. The prophetic word should not be a harsh one, even though it can be
penetrating and lead others to seek God or repent. Don't worry so much or ponder if you are a prophet. The more you lose your self-focus, the better chance God has of speaking through you. Simplify your life, walk simply and humbly with God, be obedient to the things God shows you, be quick to repent, and slow to judge. All these things will make it easier for the Holy Spirit to use you!