..."and a highway shall be there, and it shall be called the way of holiness; evil minded people shall not travel on it, but it shall be for those wayfarers who are traveling toward God. (Isaiah 35:8, adapted)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Because of Love

It is as if,
You have just opened my eyes,
given me sight,
awakened my heart,
because of Love.

It is though I see,
suddenly You are all around,
there is no-where that You cannot go,
no place where I can slip from Your grasp,
because of Love.

It is as if, I can finally rest
at the bottom of the boat,
amidst life's wildest storms,
asleep in peace,
because of Love.

I have listened to a thousand
mad hatters, speaking tirades
of nonsense, but suddenly
I hear Your Voice alone,
singing deep within my heart,
because of Love.

I meet You behind and before.
I meet You above and below.
Inseparable Union: i in You.
And You in me.
In Christ! O glorious thought!
Because of Love!

Your chosen are
safer than we know.
You have hidden
Your Own so deeply within Yourself,
so far from any real harm, that
though we think ourselves lost,
we could not find our way
out of You:
because of Love!

O Joy, complete...
Because of Love!

O Storms of Life, is it not
you that drive me to seek a
shelter in the
Everlasting Arms,
there to lay against the
bosom of My Lord?
He sends those storms,
Because of Love.

O Wounding Pain, is it not
you that cause me to know
that from my God I am never
separated? He lets me
taste your depths,
because of love.

O Christ of God,
is it not You that wrestle
with me until dawn,
urging me to let go
of all the smallness
of heart and mind
that has ruled me?
You put my natural strength
out of joint,
because of Love.

You are hidden, deep within,
a Heavenly Gyroscope,
every upright in Your position,
deliberately disorienting
my natural bearings so
that You can take
greater pleasure in
plunging me deeper and
further into
Your boundless depths;

I place my certain wager
on Your endless Goodness,
because of Love.

No matter into what
depths I descend,
even doubting that
You can still retrieve me,
You always pull me
back to Your
very Heart,
because of Love.

How could those who
have loved You most,
known You best,
die joyfully as
martyrs, but
because of Love?

Because of Love,
I begin to see all this,
revealed to the
eyes of my heart.

O Immeasurable Love,
this I surely know,
In You I am held
closer than a child
is held
by its Mother.
I peek out of the
warm blanket of
Love you have wrapped
me in, united with You,

because of Love.

It is not that the
world is not the scene
of a great and tragic Fall.
It is.
It is not about wishing that pain
will never touch me.
It shall.

It is just a matter
of knowing
how eternally safe
You keep me,

Because of Love.

Because of Love,
I look to You.

Because of Love,
You hold me.

And I love you,
Because of Love.

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