..."and a highway shall be there, and it shall be called the way of holiness; evil minded people shall not travel on it, but it shall be for those wayfarers who are traveling toward God. (Isaiah 35:8, adapted)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Feast of Mercy and Love

Don't expect a little bit of His Love.
Open wide your doors. Take the roof
off your house. Unshutter the windows.
Make ready for the coming of His Love
for His kind of Love is known to knock
doors off their hinges in the rush to
get in. You may be slow to wake up to
such a Love, slow to trust it, but
God's Love, once summoned, is
anything but slow.

Be forewarned.

Expect the force of 12 strong men,
linebacker types, to carry Love in.

I jest.

The very Truth is that Love could pick
such a team of burly men up in one finger
and still not be slowed up or weighed

Love is the weight of God's glory. He is
a very heavy God! Laden about with Love
so thick and rich it rolls off His Arms
and Head in great, golden heavenly
torrents. Try standing under the
shower of that holy run-off . You won't
know what hit you. But it will fix
what ails you.

Do you know that kind of Love?

I see you hesitating just a bit...
well then, start with
Love's appetizer, Mercy.
Call out for it. Call out
Like a blind and deaf man,
like a leper with no fingers
left by the side of the road.
Call out of your emptiness
and desperation. You need not be
empty any longer. I hear it is pouring
rain, the rain of Mercy, quite
near to where you live. Just call out.

Don't call out for one small mercy.
Call out for a myriad of mercies,
Let them overtake you like a flock
of hungry seagulls coming for your
lunch at the beach. Let them pick away
all the things you will not need,
all the things, that prevent
the main course of Love from
being served in proper order.

I laugh at that.
Proper Order. For by the time
you get to the main course of
His Love, you will be face down
in your plate, unable to arise.
Love will be smeared on your cheeks
and smashed on your eyelids.

Why do you think earthly lovers
smash cake into each others faces
on their wedding day? God is
reminding you of what He has
to offer. Eat and Drink of
your Loving Lord Christ. Let Jesus
infuse you with what makes Him
tick. He will smile His broad grin as
He comes for you with benevolent intent
to overtake.

All that, and what might dessert
be like? Ah, dear one, wait and see!
But if you are a bit hesitant I
recommend that you try the first
course of mercy.

There is a bargain today at
the banquet feast. Free mercy.
Followed by a main course
of Eternal Love. It may take
a while to get to dessert. I will
be sitting here, waiting for
you to come back, and tell me
how that was.

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