..."and a highway shall be there, and it shall be called the way of holiness; evil minded people shall not travel on it, but it shall be for those wayfarers who are traveling toward God. (Isaiah 35:8, adapted)

Friday, December 15, 2006

A Matinee with the Trinity

I keep coming back to this most comforting
vision I had recently. Let's face it, we can all
use a bit of comfort. As I was praying I saw
myself as a child, at that perfect age of
open-hearted innocence and wonder, just at
the age where a realization of how big the
world might be starts to dawn. I have an
actual picture of myself at that age: long
blond hair, large wondering eyes, and that
kind of "I think I'll just sit back and ponder
the wonder of it all" look that has never
really gone away.

In this vision I was at the movies. It was
great. On one side was Jesus, and on the
other side, was One who I understood to
be God the Father. The Holy Spirit, with a
great sense of humor, was getting tons of
refreshments for all of us. I looked back and
saw that He could not carry all the stuff He
had for us to eat and as I was looking He
was trying to get me to laugh. Please realize
that my descriptions are not meant to be
theological but reflectively experiential.
Hold the mail, please!

I am an immensely happy camper sitting
between the two. The scene kind of going
back and forth between me watching it and
me feeling what it was like to sit between
God and Jesus. I remember feeling how
relaxed They were, and how safe and loved
and included I felt. There we were, the
Trinity and I, just little ol' me, watching a
movie together like They had nothing else
to attend to in the whole universe.

But They did have other things to attend to.
I remember not being interested in watching
what was on the screen, it was the old black
and white news reels, British Pathe, I think,
full of wars and rumors of wars. A few times
Jesus looked over at God, but sitting there all
I felt was Their love.

Watching from a distance I could see that there
was trouble in the world that They were
watching and tending to, even as They sat there
with me. I remember Jesus looking down at me,
smiling, yet with a depth in His eyes that saw
me when I was all grown up, and I all that I
would be. All that He would make of me. He
tenderly took my hand, and that is where
I wanted to stay: nestled between the Him
and the Father. Tended to by the Spirit.

I am looking with my "older" eyes now. And see
that it is from these moments of near silent
encounters with Himself that God puts both
His love and His Father's business in our hearts.
I hope I could say if I had seen the adult "me"
sitting between them that nothing would be
different except a greater fellowship with
Them in what They were watching.

I would want to share in Their compassion
and intercede for Their intentions to be done
in the earth, as it is certainly being done
in heaven. And what else is heaven but sitting
between God and Jesus, feeling the love that
flows between them?-- me, and you, caught
in the crosscurrent of that love, happily just
being there.

Dear ones, may the love of God overwhelm
our hearts today. Sit before Him and let Him
love you. Perhaps take in a matinee with
the Trinity. There is no-one like Him.

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